~ Iain Duncan Smith

It was finally time to put my phone down and go to bed. I put it on its charger, set it on my nightstand, and rolled over toward him to give him a kiss and get some sleep. Somehow, in my reading, I hadn’t noticed that he had prepped his side of the bed with a towel and positioned his favorite glass dildo (unwarrantly appropriated from *my* Regulars stash, ah hem) and some new lube we decided to try. Clearly, he had more in mind before going to bed.

The phone rang. It was a former lover of mine who I have remained friends with over the years.

“Who’s that? Is it important?”

“No, just [friend] probably calling about a date he had.”

“Answer it. Let’s see if I can be quiet.”

I answered the phone. As I suspected, my friend was slightly tipsy and wanted to gab on the phone about a date he had just come home from. After making sure that this was just to shoot shit, I decided to play along.

He stroked his cock next to me and I could see it twitching, pulsing, and growing as he did so. I always love this time with him – the process of him getting hard and ready. I never know what he’s thinking about and it really doesn’t matter. Watching him work himself into a state where I know everything I do will tingle through him is one of the hottest parts about our sex life.

I watched him start to reach for the dildo. Obviously I couldn’t play with him with just one hand, so I put the phone on speaker and set it on the bed. I grabbed the bottle of lube. The cap snapped open and I stopped for just a moment to make sure that the sound hadn’t carried through the phone. I watched as it slid out of the bottle and dropped onto the head of the dildo in a perfect, gooey mound. I pushed his hand aside, bent up one of his legs, and used the dildo to spread lube around his ass hole. As the cold hit him, he closed his eyes and I saw a corner of his teeth sink into the corner of his lip. I put my finger to my mouth.

“Shhh” I mimed, and pulled the toy just out of reach.

He nodded and looked at me to put it back. I complied.

It didn’t take long for his cock to be full and hard and for his ass to relax enough to get the first bulb of the dildo inside. As he closed around the neck again, I saw his head tilt back and he let out a sigh. His hips rocked as he started stroking his cock with more purpose this time.

My friend on the phone was talking about a restaurant, I think. I made sure to give non-committal answers to him every now and again.

Bulb by bulb, the dildo made its way into his ass. Once all the way in, I spun it around so it curved to put pressure where I knew he liked it. And then I began to slowly pulse in and out of his ass as I watched him jerk off. Every now and then, when it was my turn to be silent on the phone, I would help him by teasing his balls with my tongue.

I could tell he was close. His breathing became heavier.

“Don’t you make a sound” I whispered.

I fucked him faster with the dildo. His stomach clenched and his shoulders lifted off of the mattress. I could see his forehead holding every noise he wanted to let go, eeking out soft, uncontrolled moans and sighs. Finally, his face relaxed and his hand relaxed. The hair on his stomach and chest was pressed down where the shots had hit.

“Hey – I have to go now. I have to help with something. I’m glad you had a good evening. I’ll talk to you again later.” I reached for a towel.