Another post inspired by Exhibit A’s erotica prompts. Breakups are terrible, but breakup sex can be a powerful experience.


He opened the door and took her in with his eyes. The idea, as far as he knew, was for her to simply collect her things and be on her way. The ensemble she prepared did exactly what it was supposed to do – he traced the outline of her body with his eyes the way he would with his tongue and fingers if this was any other occasion. Instinctively, he pulled her into a hug. Before he could remember their circumstances and pull away from her, the perfume she’d selected danced into his consciousness and his eyes closed. His mouth found the curve of her neck, and she invited his lips to brush against her. She tilted her head back slightly to give him the full access he craved and he fell into the trap she set. She closed her eyes and exhaled heavily into a chuckle.

“Is that the bag over there?” She ran her hands down his arms and back to her sides, making sure to just graze the bottom of the skirt so that her ass was wrapped in the flowing fabric and the stockings were visible. He could feel himself harden as he remembered the last time she wore this outfit, and how easy it was to bend her over in the metro car and have his way around her lips with his tongue. “Yeah,” he said, “that’s all yours.”

She walked over to the bag on the floor – of course it was on the floor. Why wouldn’t it be? She walked over to it and crossed her ankles for stability, bending down to pick it up. She could feel the circulating air flowing over her body. As always, she wore nothing at all under her skirt, and the breeze was energizing.

“Thanks for the stuff. There was something else I wanted to make sure you got to keep.” She kept her eyes on his and walked over to his bed. From her purse, she pulled the toy they often used together. It was a simple shafted vibrator, but the ways he used it on her made it one of her favorite toys. “But you sit there and don’t move.” She gestured to the chair that sat in front of his desk, and she positioned herself on her knees on his bed.

Her hands began by brushing some hair away from her face. He watched her fingers delicately dance down her neck and over her breasts. She moaned as she breathed, soaking in his watching her to fuel her confidence. Still moving down, she tugged at the waist of her skirt. It slipped over her ass and fell to the bed around her. She adjusted her position to move her feet from beneath her and leaned back on her elbows. As she did this, her knees naturally fell apart, presenting to him to enjoy how ever he saw fit.

He moved toward her with hesitation. This wasn’t what this was supposed to be. But he was drawn – pulled into her by something he couldn’t identify. He approached her and paused to take in what he could. Sights, temperature change, and finally taste flooded over him as he landed softly. Her eyes closed and her head craned back – this would never cease to catch in her chest. His tongue knew exactly where to go and how to massage every part of her. He pulsed against her steadily and she felt her face get warm. Gentle beachy waves of pleasure lifted her from underneath him, and she pulled his face up to meet hers.

He cradled her head with one hand as he tugged at his belt with the other. If this was the last opportunity, he wanted to make sure to feel everything he could. After what seemed like an endlessly complicated belt and button combination (were his pants always this unreasonable?) he finally broke free. In one fluid motion, he moved into her and felt her warmth and wetness surround him. He didn’t notice the constraints of his pants, still wrapped around his knees, or the fact that he was beginning to think of all the things that would be missing after today. Instead, he focused on the moment and enjoying each other as much as possible.

Sunlight poured in from the window behind them. Each moment, each kiss, each finger laced in the others seemed limitless and momentary at the same time. She noticed that her cheeks were warm again, but this was not flush with pleasure. Tears streamed down her face and mixed with their kisses, breathless and desperate. But this was the way it needed to be. It just wasn’t going to work, even though they wanted it to. Their hips found each other and moved in unison. Usually, they staggered orgasms so each of them could focus on the other. This wasn’t the way today would go. He kissed her and she pulled him into her, feeling the light building inside her. She put his face in her hands and opened her eyes. “Stay with me…” she said, trusting his eyes to hold her safely over the crest of each wave. He trusted her, too, and he couldn’t keep his own waves from crashing with hers in a never-ending cycle of hands and bodies and kisses.

She stared at the ceiling for days, weeks, but probably only minutes. It was time to get up and move on with reality. He was sound asleep. It was better this way. She could slip out of his room, out of his view, out of his consciousness. She got dressed, gathered her things, and left. When she closed the car door behind her, she sat reflecting on everything that had been said and done, but mostly what was still unsaid. She pulled the visor down to check that she wasn’t as scarred on her face as she was in her head. To her great satisfaction, through all the pain, her eyes stayed blue.