Recently, the ever-inpiring Exhibit A Unadorned gave the challenge of composing erotica set to music lyrics. I love this idea, as a music lover, an erotica lover, and a lover in general. Without further ado…



It wasn’t that the sex had become stale, exactly – it was actually excellent each time. It’s just that it had become rather formulaic. He would say this, she would do that, and it would always be satisfying, but never unexpected. She decided to change this.

She kissed him goodnight, as she always did, but this time, she put the slightest bit of strength behind it. He couldn’t roll her over as he usually could. It was clear to him that she would take the control now, and he wasn’t sure exactly what to do with it. She pressed her mouth into his and overtook his attempts to take control of her. It wasn’t his turn.

She moved her hand to his growing cock. He wasn’t used to this side of her, but he was far from not enjoying it. She usually hid herself and her pleasure from him, and he needed to actively seek it out. Tonight, he would need to keep particularly aware of himself in order to assume the roles they were used to. He began to doubt he could. When her hand wrapped around him, it was firm and with intention – she was going to work him until he couldn’t stand it anymore.

She began with slow strokes, bending over him and allowing saliva to drip down to cover his head. She alternated between her hands and twisted them over his shaft in opposite directions, slipping over each other in unpredictable patterns. She kept her eyes locked on his the whole time, seeing every movement register on his face. After a few minutes of stroking him, she bent her head down and took him completely into her throat once, then lifted her mouth off of him. It was synchronized with her hands, and it caught him off guard as she continued to do it. He could feel the pressure building up, and was ready to explode over her face and tits, as he was accustomed to doing.

She stopped.

He opened his eyes and tried to catch his breath. “Stroke your cock for me.” She sounded certain and full of purpose as she directed him.

When he looked at her, she had removed her hands from his body and instead was rummaging in the drawer of the nightstand next to her side of the bed. “Oh, good,” he thought, “She’ll get her toy out and I can finish her right.” She did pull out her favorite toy – a double-headed glass dildo that was kept in a black velvet case. She also pulled out a bottle of lube. “Odd…” he thought, since he was certain that she had more than lubricated him to be able to glide in and out of her with very little effort at all.

“I don’t recall telling you to stop. Keep your hands gliding over yourself until I tell you not to anymore.”

He assumed the familiar position and pace, stroking his full shaft. She had done such a complete job of getting him to this point that he was closer than he thought to cumming. His breathing increased as he brought himself to the edge.

“Stop. Not yet”

She pulled the velvet bag off of the dildo and applied a generous mountain of lubricant to the head. He was still on his back, and she lifted his knees.

“What are you doing?”

“You always make it clear that you want more anal in our repertoire. I’m giving it to you.”

She spread the lube around the head of the dildo, and then some excess around his ass hole. She had been there before – for all of his machismo, he loved having a tongue swirl around his ass hole, and she was happy to help him. She had even gone so far as to slowly glide a finger in and out of him, if he was up for it. She knew he would happily inhale the anxiety and allow her to completely penetrate him.

She started slowly – rubbing the slippery tip of the dildo around his ass. She could tell he was excited – possibly a little bit nervous. “Don’t worry – you know you’ll love a nice thick dick up your ass. You love it when I slide my fingers in there – think about what this will feel like.” He relaxed. She decided to help him along. She reached up and wrapped her hand around him again. She was right – he was more excited than nervous. His cock was harder than she remembered it being in recent history, and it pulsed and twitched at her touch. Perhaps she had done her prep work *too* well.

The inhale as she pushed the ribbed bubbles of her toy into his ass came from a different place inside of him. This was anxiety, pleasure, relief, and surprise all intertwined together as one unmistakable noise. She slowed down, but only to check on him before she continued again. She syncopated her long strokes on his cock and the long pulses with the dildo.

“Was I right? Do you love it?”

“I love it.”

“Excuse me?” She stopped both.

“I love it, ma’am.”

“I know you do. Why do you like it?”

“Because you’re in control, ma’am.”

“That’s right. I’m in control right now. I say where you get fucked and when you cum. Where’s my toy?”

“In my ass.”

She stopped. “What did you fucking say?”

“In my ass, ma’am.”

She began to rotate the dildo as she pulsed inside him, and it glided over the spot she knew would make him explode. His stomach tightened.

“I’m going to cum… “

“Good. Get yourself filthy.”

She kept working him on both ends as he came. His brow furrowed, and with each exhale, he let out more and more animalistic noises. He was completely out of control of his situation. The pleasure, the pain, the tightness, the release – they were all hers to own. His back arched the opposite direction and she slowed down in his ass. Although she loved being in control, she wanted to make sure he landed softly and (most importantly) with the desire to do this all again. He grabbed her arm and squeezed it for grounding, and eventually he opened his eyes again. Between his heavy breathing, he trembled as the remaining waves of pleasure washed over him. She could see in his face that he was completely vulnerable – not a place he was used to being after one of their sessions.

She moved around his body and pulled his mouth to hers. He sank into her, safe and satisfied in her control. They lay for several minutes before finally emerging to clean everything up, but they both knew that this unexpected detour off of their path had changed their course permanently. From here, they would write new history with each other. And it would be mind-blowing.