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Much of my writing is either influenced by or a direct report of actual events (though, admittedly, the occasional embellishment is bound to occur). Because of this, people I know may read my writing and be able to figure out (or know outright) who I am talking about. This happened Saturday.

Mal is still a great friend of mine and Rugby’s, as is his wife. In fact, we spent a few hours with her on Saturday at a sour beer event in town, since Mal was off gallivanting in the wide world of IPAs (gross). After a few (we tried 23 in total), somehow we got on the topic of the excursion between Mal, Rugby, and I. At the time, I didn’t want to move forward without express consent from all affected parties. Even though she wasn’t physically involved in the afternoon, she absolutely needed to be aware and absolutely needed to be comfortable with it. To my surprise at the time, she was not only comfortable with it, but wanted to know every detail.

She and I have been good friends the whole time. We were in each other’s weddings, and I’ve found myself very attracted to her at one time or another. She is also bi, but I think slightly more on the straight side of the Kinsey scale than I am (I’m a solid 3 – dead center). In any case, the opportunity has presented itself on more than one occasion, but has never really materialized at all.

Hearing about how she wanted to be told every detail made me so disappointed that the Mal/Rugby story was mostly embellished. She knew the details, and didn’t remember hearing a lot of them as they were written here. She caught me!

Not only was I turned on at the thought of her hearing details of either making Mal feel great, or details of how he pleased me, or the details of all of us together, but I began entertaining the ideas of including her in what made up the fantasy part of that experience. Indeed, that thought was put to good use later in the evening.

It was a subtle reminder of times shared and missed opportunities, and a tinge of regret that the evening didn’t turn out the way anyone was hoping (for excellent reasons – and with no hard feelings at all).

Sometimes your brain will take portions of your days and stitch them together to make one sort of really delicious alternate reality, though often presented in sections. This is divided as the dream played out.

Continued from part 1

I saw them from the corner of the living room, this time Rugby lying on the couch with his eyes covered by a dark cloth. BC was looming over him, assessing his position and how best to begin the tease. He looked down at Rugby’s cock, cautiously firm, and Rugby pulled against the same black fabric that I noticed was also holding his wrists above his head. BC looked back at me, and I nodded at him, encouraging him to do what he liked.

He knelt down next to the couch and put his own hands behind his back. Almost weightless in his chest, he lowered his mouth onto Rugby’s cock. He stopped at the head, but I could tell from my seat that there was much more interesting things going on inside his mouth. I saw Rugby’s chest rise and fall with the inhale that comes from just the start of something that feels good. BC lingered on Rugby’s head for a while before lowering himself down the entire length of his cock.

As I watched, I realized that my hand was resting on my favorite glass dildo. Next to it was lube. Clearly we had prepared for just this sort of scenario.

BC bobbed up and down on Rugby’s cock, switching from full mouth coverage, to wide tongue licks on each side, to tongue tip flicks around the head. I matched BC’s rhythm with my dildo, and I could almost sense what Rugby was feeling. The dildo slid and stretched inside me until I almost couldn’t stand it anymore. As I got closer and closer to an orgasm, I would break my rhythm to try to keep up with the boys I was watching.

Rugby was getting close – I could hear it in his breathing and see it in his body language.

“Stop”, I instructed BC, “He’s going to cum and he’s not done yet.”

“What should I do instead?” he asked

I raised my eyebrows and BC smiled at me. He spit in his hand and moved it to his ass, swirling liquid around himself. He put one leg to the back of the couch and braced himself on the arm behind Rugby’s head. As he lowered himself down, I could see both of them sigh and struggle against the tightness and the pleasure. On their own time, they each relaxed and moaned into each other. BC began to rock his hips back and forth on top of Rugby’s pelvis. Each one discovered the pleasures of the other, and Rugby strained against the straps on his wrist.

“Shall I undo the strap? Or let him continue to pull?”

They didn’t hear me. And, truth be told, I was almost to distracted myself to move from where I was. I hadn’t let myself come yet, and I knew that if I let either of them really do what they wanted, it wouldn’t be long before I was a puddle on the ground.

BC braced himself on Rugby’s thighs and kept riding him. Rugby hadn’t felt his cock in an ass in a long time, and I could tell he hadn’t been aware of how much he missed it. Each stroke from BC make him lift his hips up, begging his cock deeper and deeper.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I walked over and stood behind Rugby. I could see him straining against the straps around his wrists. I tugged on the end that would free him and his arms pulled harder the looser the restraint became. Finally, they broke free. Rugby’s hands flew to BC’s hips and he took control of the speed and intensity. I could see BC’s face mix pleasure with pain as he was taken and used. About a dozen thrusts stood between freedom and exhilaration, and when Rugby finally allowed himself to release, he did so meaningfully and without reserve. BC took his entire load and the excitement showed on his face. They started to come down at the same time, and BC slowly made his way off of Rugby, but barely able to move.

I knelt in front of BC as Rugby watched from the same spot I was in before, this time stroking his cock that was once again firm and ready. Although I was not focused on his activities, I seemed to be aware that he was watching us. I knew he enjoyed seeing his wife being used by another man. Knowing that he was watching me and enjoying it made the encounter that much sweeter.


I looked back at BC and opened my mouth, ready to taste everything I had been thinking about. As I did so, he gently rubbed my tongue with the head of his cock, which was already hard at the thought of putting fantasy to reality. I moved my tongue to wrap the head of his cock and started to run it the length of him. He put his hand on the back of my head to encourage me to keep exploring. I finally took all of him into my mouth; slowly, savoring every moment.

He exhaled and tightened his grip on my hair. He began to pump my mouth onto him, sometimes making me gag a little bit. That seemed to only fuel him and he pressed my head further. As his desire for my mouth increased, so did my desire to use it, and I began to get ahead of his direction. I moved my hand to the shaft, and began to use it as an extension of my mouth. He had been waiting for me to use this technique. Though it wasn’t new to him, we had talked about how much I loved including it in my process. I varied my speed and my pressure, spinning my hand around him as I moved my mouth over him.

His cock pulsed in my mouth, and he gripped my hair tighter. I let more saliva fall out of my mouth to make my face sloppy and wet. I loved feeling his cock push my mouth open and fill it up. As we synced our rhythms to each other, I could hear his breathing change. I knew I was going to get what I wanted soon. I pulled my mouth off of him and kept working him with my hands.

“That’s right – paint up my face while my husband watches you.”

Those words were what he wanted to hear, and I closed my eyes to receive the hot, sticky mess I knew would be coming my way soon. I looked over at Rugby, who was still eagerly watching us, and our eyes were locked as BC covered my face. As he did, Rugby lost control of himself, too, and we the three of us sat in the smell of sex and satisfaction.




Sometimes your brain will take portions of your days and stitch them together to make one sort of really delicious alternate reality, though often presented in sections. This is divided as the dream played out.

The room was tense as we waited for our guest to arrive. BC was a friend I had made virtually, and when I met him, it was not because Rugby and I were looking for a steady third. In fact, much of either of our experiences had been decidedly monogamous. After some years of being together, our tastes had evolved and while we were still fully and truly committed to each other, the idea of possibly exploring situations with more than just ourselves started to sound more and more appealing. When I began writing, I sought out the friendship and advice of people who were successfully doing what I was trying to do (or, at least, attempting to do a poor facsimile of) in order to build my reader base and get some genuine feedback about how to be a better writer. I did not intend at all to begin a flirtation.

But a flirtation was what started. It began with the occasional email back and forth, then it became a presence in each other’s writings, then it became explicit in nature. We talked about fantasies, likes, dislikes, fetishes, kinks – it all seemed to be fairly complimentary to each other. Where he tended to enjoy being submissive, I tended to enjoy being more dominant, and vice versa. After years (off and on) of flirtation and suggestions between BC and I, Rugby and I decided that, were he ever in our geographic location, we would make the effort to have him over.

There was a knock at the door. I could feel my chest rise and fall with quick, shallow breaths as I went to open it.

“Hi! Glad you found the place – come on in.”

BC came into the house, and I took his coat and showed him up the stairs to the main level of the house. Rugby was in the kitchen, putting away the last of the clean dishes. He sat at our dining room table and Rugby fixed drinks. We chatted there for several minutes, engaging in awkward pleasantries when it was so clear what we wanted that it was palpable. Sensing the growing excitement and impatience, BC stood up from the table and moved toward me.

He was determined and deliberate when his mouth fell on mine, but not forceful. Over the years, an expectation had been formed of mutual respect but freedom to do as we pleased. He had been hearing what made me excited and ready, and knew exactly how he was going to go about it. As his tongue explored my mouth, my nerves melted away and I reached out for Rugby’s hand to pull him in. When we pulled apart, I looked toward Rugby and pulled his face closer to mine with one hand. As I kissed him, my other hand found the button on BC’s jeans. I undid them and reached my hand inside them.

I could feel him already excited. As I maneuvered my hands around him, he let out a soft moan – he had been waiting for this as long as I had. As BC enjoyed my hands, and as Rugby enjoyed my mouth, BC reached for Rugby’s body. I could feel Rugby’s body tense up slightly – he had never been this close to another man before, save one occasion. But BC knew his way around men, too, and Rugby easily surrendered to the expertise. As we stood there, getting each other ready, I felt BC’s mouth fall onto my neck. It gave me goosebumps and chills, as it always has, and I could feel blood rushing down.

I sat down on the couch, guided by Rugby. As I sat, BC made his way in front of me to position both of us for his goal, and Rugby pulled himself out of his jeans. BC ran his hands up both of my legs, gently guiding the hem of my dress up with them. Rugby watched as his mouth fell on my thighs, and made its way across my legs and up toward my pussy. As he got closer, I could feel his breath hitting me, and my hips edged forward, begging for his mouth to do what I knew it could. As BC made his way, Rugby began to stroke his cock, reacting to me and what was going to happen. I looked over at him, and opened my mouth a little bit. Rugby took the hint and slipped the head of his cock into my mouth. As he did that, BC’s tongue finally landed on my clit, and I let out a moan. My mouth vibrated on Rugby’s cock and he pulled my head closer to him. BC’s tongue was expertly navigated – he explored every part of me until I was writhing underneath him. We continued on like this for a few minutes until Rugby pulled away from my mouth, and I got a break to come down.

“Switch” he said.

I wasn’t entirely aware of the position change. But I felt Rugby’s familiar mouth on me. That could only mean that I would soon have BC’s cock in my mouth, ready to experiment with all the things he mentioned liking in oral sex. I focused on his head, flicking my tongue around it a few times, before flattening my tongue to wrap around it. I could tell he was getting impatient for more, and I finally pulled him all the way into my mouth and throat. As I did that, Rugby changed his tempo and position on me so that I moaned as I took BC completely into my mouth. The chain reaction of pleasure filled the space in the silence. We were eager to feel and fulfill more of each other, and the list of things I knew I had wanted to do flowed fresh back into my mind again.

To be continued in part 2

touch yourself

Masturbation has been something that has been a part of my life since I can remember, even if I didn’t know what it was. Like many of us, the first orgasm I had was self-induced. I remember it vividly. I won’t go into how old I was, but I was very young indeed.

I came about it (har har) completely by accident. I was playing on a playground and challenged myself to climb the fire pole. I didn’t know how to do it properly, and braced myself against the pole with my crotch rather than my feet. I was making excellent progress on the pole and suddenly found myself completely undone.

Following that, it was several years before I realized that I could intentionally please myself, and that it wasn’t a completely unacceptable thing to do. I never did tell anyone about the first time, but it was always sort of understood in our completely typically repressed American home that masturbation was just not something anyone did, or talked about, and most certainly not something you shared with other people. In my out-of-the-house years (almost 10 at this point), I have learned that all that was rubbish. How else could you possibly know how to help someone else please you if you have no idea how to please yourself? I’m still learning new things and, thankfully, have a partner who is more than willing to try new things with me and indulge my curiosities without judgement or fear of really doing any damage.

Quite recently, we have been exploring the magical world of mutual masturbation (I know, I know – where have we been??). Sometimes having sex just isn’t in the cards. More often that not, it’s because our two children, both under four years old, have completely exhausted us and we can barely stay awake for some pillow talk, let alone full debauchery.

Previously, if I hadn’t felt up to sex in general, I would “help” Rugby using my tongue or some creative talking while he masturbated to it. For some reason, it always felt so inappropriate for me to also masturbate, or to request that the roles be flipped. I was a bit tipsy one evening, and was particularly frustrated and needing a stress relief. Since having our second kiddo, and going back to work, we all leave and get back to the house at the same time. There is ZERO time to myself, so if I don’t feel like Rugby being involved, it seemed that any kind of personal time was not in the cards. I’d had about enough of that.

I have two toys that are my go-tos for masturbation. The first is a really simple, but really reliable vibrator. I have no idea where I got it, but it was probably my freshman year in college. That was easily 15 years ago, and despite eating through batteries a little bit faster than it did when I first got it, it’s been reliable and lovely. The second is a purchase that Rugby and I made probably about 2 years ago. It’s a glass, double-headed dildo. One end is “normal” (as in, it’s shaped like a more typical penis with a shaft and a head, and is curved for easy g-spot stimulation) and the other end is “ribbed” (think bubbles). When I got the glass one, for whatever reason, it didn’t occur to me to combine them. I’m not smart sometimes.

One of my favorite things to do with the glass dildo is to play with temperatures. A partner from several years ago read some ridiculous Cosmo article on how to make oral sex more enjoyable for the person on whom you were performing. The tip involved alternating between drinking ice water and drinking a hot beverage (I think the article specifically said “tea”). Most of our activities were unremarkable, but this technique was worth its weight in gold. In the spirit of this technique, sometimes I’ll put the glass in some hot water for a few minutes and then, after letting it cool slightly, enjoy the warmth. Other times, I’ll put it in the fridge and get a shock to my system. I can’t explain it, and it certainly isn’t for everyone, but if you haven’t given this a go yet, I highly recommend.

I’m actually somewhat grateful that my opportunities for solo masturbation have all but disappeared. It allows me to almost only have the option of mutual masturbation or masturbating with Rugby in the immediate vicinity. I think that he’s enjoying the slightly different angles and views, as well as what it looks like when I am in complete control of my body and my pleasure.

a continuation of part one

Mal and Rugby arrived at the house at the same time, and I was there waiting for both of them. I had left work early to come home and prepare the various tools and solutions we might be using, as well as take the time to change into one of my favorite frocks. It’s the kind of dress that is made of old t-shirt material. It easily flips around in a strong breeze. I can feel it swish over my ass while I hop down stairs, and if things are just right, I can give unsuspecting people on the sidewalk quite a peep show. As always, I was honoring my skirt rule, so I know I could tease them before the fun really started.

I fixed drinks, as any well-mannered host would, and made sure to pull the back of my dress up so they could see the curves and crease of my ass cheeks peeking out at them. Suddenly, I felt two hands on my hips. Rugby and Mal are near the same size in height and build (Rugby is slightly broader in his shoulders and a touch more muscular), but I could tell that the hands on my hips belonged to Mal. Knowing that someone new and unfamiliar was feeling the curves of my body and that my husband could watch it gave me a hollow feeling in my stomach – it turned me on and I could feel my underwear start to weigh down with getting wetter.

I started to stand up and felt one of the hands leave my hip and grab the hair at the base of my head to push me back down. Still pushing my head down, I felt myself being led to the table in the dining room, and I was eased onto the top of it. I felt my tits press into the table and the fabric of my skirt move up over my ass. The other hand moved from my hips down to my lips, and gentle touches excited me more. He alternated between rubbing lips and my clit to moving around the wetness that was accumulating as a result. He teased me, focusing on the outer edges of everything. By the time I felt his finger inside me, I could hardly stand it – and at the time, I could tell that it was only a finger. I hungered for it, and my body reached for him.

He worked his finger inside me until my tightening told him he had found my g spot. I could feel the pressure starting to build. He could, too, evidently, because his speed and pressure changed just enough to not let me writhe or gush all over him. After pushing me to the edge three or four times, he looked back at Rugby, who was watching us from the couch.

“Am I going to fuck your wife for you? Or are you going to show me what she likes?”

With that, Rugby stood up. I could see the outline of his cock, large and firm. He walked over to us and Mal rotated me on the table so that my body was bent over a corner. He held my wrists back with one hand and pushed my head down with the other – I was primed for both of them to use me as they wanted.

Rugby walked over, pulling his cock out as he did. He stood in front of my face and let his cock bounce in front of it. As I had done so many times before, I opened my mouth, ready for him to stuff my throat with it. I felt him fill my mouth and I closed my eyes as I took him in. As my mouth filled, I felt Mal filling me from behind. This time, however, it wasn’t his fingers I was feeling. I gasped and lurched forward at the size of him, which pushed me further into Rugby’s cock. They took turns thrusting me into the other, each one going deeper and deeper than they were before. I felt my eyes water and eventually couldn’t see out of them anymore as I gagged on Rugby’s cock. Feeling Mal fill my cunt made me hungry for Rugby’s cock. Rugby and Mal decided to let me catch my breath.

I didn’t notice when they switched, but when my mouth filled again, I was excited to discover that it was Mal’s instead. Of the two, Mal definitely has a larger cock than Rugby, so his presence on either side was surprising. Once I realized that it was Mal in my mouth, I struggled for him to fit. I knew I would feel Rugby inside me from behind any moment. To my surprise, I felt his wet, warm, flat tongue land on me and begin working my clit. I moaned at the feeling of him, which made my mouth vibrate on Mal’s cock. He let out a sigh and a half-moan and held my head to get better leverage.

Rugby worked and worked, and when I felt the waves crash over me, I must have gotten my hands free because when I surfaced, my hands were on Mal’s hips, pulling him deeper and deeper into my mouth.

“That’s my girl” – Rugby hadn’t said that to me in several years – “Get on your knees for us.”

I slid off the table and down onto the floor. The wood felt cold beneath me. As I settled into my position, I looked up to see both cocks at eye level, each being stroked by their owners. Both of them seemed to be begging me for my attention, and I smiled at the choice. I was still dripping from Rugby’s mouth on me, so I pulled some of that lubrication into my hands before wrapping each hand around them both. I glanced between them for a few strokes, and decided to glide my lips around Mal. As he filled my mouth again, I could hear him moan. This fueled my hunger for him and I slid him all the way into my mouth, down my throat.

“Fuck – I can’t believe you get to feel this all the time.”

Rugby pushed the back of my head and I gagged on Mal. His head threw back and his eyes closed and he let out a sigh moan again.

“Fuck yes. Take me into your throat. Oh, my god you feel incredible.”

I slid my hand along his cock in time with my mouth and stroked him as he slid in and out of my mouth. My mouth made his cock slippery, so my hand glided around him easily. I pulled my mouth off of Mal and moved to Rugby. I was comfortable here, and knew what he liked. I was able to quickly adjust the pressure on his cock, and my speed. It wasn’t long before his breathing was faster and I could tell that I was well on my way to being covered and sticky. I pulled my mouth off of him.

“You want to paint me up?”

“Yes, you know I do.”

“I wasn’t asking you.” I looked over at Mal, who was watching me take Rugby in and out of my mouth. “Do you want to paint your best friend’s whore of a wife?”

He glanced at Rugby. “Yes. Let me paint that pretty face of yours.”

I chuckled and slid my mouth and throat onto Rugby again. The idea of sharing me and the job of painting me has always appealed to him, and suggesting as much has led him to several orgasms over the years. It was clearly exciting to him to hear that this is his opportunity. His breathing is faster again, and I work his cock more and more in my mouth. I pull him deep into my throat and swallow hard, then pull my mouth off of him and continue to work him with my hand.

“Come on, baby. You know this is what you’ve wanted – to watch me suck someone else’s cock until they explode all over my face. Don’t you love watching me gag on him? That’s right, fucking paint me up. Or should he do it first?” I moved over to Mal and slid him down my throat again. I hovered for a minute and swallowed hard. “How long have you wanted to cover my face but haven’t been able to touch me? I can tell you’ve wanted me for a long time – finish the job.”

I moved back to the center of both of them to stroke both of their cocks while I looked at them. “Fucking do it – cover me.”

Rugby was the first to explode. I felt the first shot hit my chest, and then my neck and I moved closer to him so he could finish on my face. His cum was warm and thick. I heard Mal’s breathing become faster and shallow. I knew it wouldn’t be long, after having seen my face take a full load already. Mal’s brow furrowed and he started to make moaning noises as he exhaled. “Fucking cover her.”

His eyes closed as he came on my face. His load was larger than Rugby’s and I could feel it land on me in small pools. Mal is more vocal than Rugby, and as he came, he let out sighs and moans of pleasure. As Mal finished covering my face, I slid my hand down between my legs and used the sounds and textures around me to send myself over the edge again.

As we sat together, catching our breath and coming down, I wiped the evidence of both of them off of my face. When Mal went home, Rugby and I discussed and decided that this was not going to be the last time I was passed around and shared. The only question that remained was when our next excursion would be, and who would be joining us.

When I open emails from Rugby, it is usually a link to a meme or interesting history post. This time, there was a questionnaire about sex – not one of those stupid “How Loud Will You Make Him Scream” questionnaires you find in Cosmopolitan or Elle or something. This was a true survey about experience, desires, and things that have interested you about sex with a partner. The survey assumes that you are committed to a partner (or partners) and is clearly not meant for casual sexual exploration (although, I’m sure there are some people who would give this survey to a casual sexual encounter for quite an interesting time indeed). Each party completes the survey and then receives a summary of similar interests so you know what you can bring up to your partner if you’re nervous about suggesting new things. Truth be told, it’s an excellent idea.

For a few years, I had engaged in a flirtation with a close friend of Rugby’s. This friend (Mal) is naturally a flirty person, and Rugby was fine, if not encouraging, with the flirtation. Were it not for the respect we have for each of our spouses, our marriages, and each other, Mal and I would have taken the flirtation to all levels a long time ago. However, as we did not have or discuss permission to do so, the flirtation suspended itself at suggestive language and the occasional drunken picture text.

In this survey was a section about inviting other people into a sexual encounter. I answered honestly, with comfort in the knowledge that my answers wouldn’t be shared with Rugby (and a possible argument would be avoided) unless he had the same interests. When the summary arrived that afternoon, I scrolled right to the section about including other people.

“Include another male in sex (menage a trois)”

My answer: if my partner is interested

Rugby’s answer: if my partner is interested

My heart started to beat quickly. How did he know that I would be interested in this? Would he be upset if he knew that I had someone in mind, let alone Mal? Would that make it worse? Would that make it better?

I wrote him back and told him that I wanted to talk to him more about this particular survey question, and thoughts about his reaction and the possibility of what might happen if Mal was interested and comfortable made working for the rest of the day almost impossible. I tried to focus between thoughts of being shared and focusing on twice as many cocks and hands as I was used to at one time. I had to excuse myself to the secluded solitude of the restroom or the stairwell many times that day.

Rugby and I talked about it and I mentioned being interested in being shared, specifically with Mal. To my shock and excitement, Rugby was excited about the idea. We approached Mal, who talked about it with his wife and told us that he was interested, too. We decided to try to find a time after work one afternoon.

The two months between when we discovered this possibility and the night it happened were long and full of teasing on both sides. Mal and I worked (and still work) for the same company, and I saw him every day when I went to work. I told Mal about my skirt rule (where I wear nothing underneath skirts and dresses), and made sure that he was aware every time I wore a skirt or dress. He noticed and would often send me texts and notes about how hard I was making him by walking by him, knowing that he could bend me over a desk in the office and take me, or catch a glimpse of me bending over and snap a picture to send to Sam at work.

The day that we decided on arrived, and Mal, Rugby, and I met at the house that Rugby and I shared. A few beers later, the two assertive men that I had been most attracted to for the last 5 years were able to share and have their way with me.

continued in part 2

memory jog

The process for resetting passwords that have been long forgotten for WordPress are real and complicated. But after much memory searching, I’ve managed to do it. Hello, again.

Recently, a proposition has arisen between my husband and a friend of ours – let’s call him Chicago. Chicago and I have known each other as long as Rugby and I have, and I have been attracted to him since the start. He is Rugby’s best friend (they have known each other since middle school), and it always felt a little bit odd to suggest that perhaps we explore escapades with him. However, years of flirtatious text messages and suggestive conversations have taken their toll. A few weeks ago, Rugby sent me a link to a questionnaire for couples in which you indicate your interest in a number of different activities and scenarios. The ones that match with “yes” or “if my partner is interested” are compiled and shared between the two of you so you know exactly where you stand. I noticed that the questions about inviting another person into bed (male or female) were on the final report of common interest answers. This was a shock to me, and I began setting into motion a fantasy I had been entertaining for years.

There are several hurdles to overcome – Chicago is married, and she will need to be fully aware and onboard with anything that happens. She and I have had moments in the past (she is also bisexual and we have been attracted to each other at one time or another), so I wouldn’t be opposed to her joining. However, Rugby is not as interested if she is involved (a feeling that might be mutual between them – we shall see).

Hopefully this adventure yields an interesting story or two. If my true desires come to fruition, then this might become a recurring thing. But, even if not, and I get what I want, I’ll have a story to tell.

fine dining

Gentlemen (and ladies, too, I suppose),

Oral sex can be amazing.  And I don’t just mean for you.  While it’s slightly easier to perform oral sex on men, there are definitely common tips and principals, but I was thinking it might be beneficial to shed a little bit of light on the finer points of pleasing a woman with your mouth (believe me – finding someone who is amazing at it is hard to find and really appreciated).

First, the “obvious” rules…

1) Try things.

Change your angle, your pressure, your speed – anything that you can think of.  There is nothing more delicious than getting something unexpected that feels incredible.  One of the most satisfying things about being able to lie back and relax while your partner dances tongues and lips around you is that you can’t usually tell what’s coming next – you just have to wait and experience the pleasure as it comes (and hopefully you do, too).  Don’t forget to use your fingers (the tips to press or tease, or the whole things to give the double pleasure of mouth with the sensation of being fucked).  You have all the tools you need. 

2) Pay attention.

Most women (*most*) are going to indicate when something feels good.  It’s up to you to pay attention.  She will moan or breathe differently or move her hips to keep you right where you are for longer.  She might hold your head or even use words like “right there” or “don’t stop.”  These are good keys.  Pay attention to what she likes.  Some women (myself included) will tell you where to go – if you get one of these women, use it to the full advantage. Take mental notes and make sure to actually do the things she tells you to.


Now the not so obvious ones… things i know I like and how I like them:

3) Position:

There are lots of positions to take to get access to what you’re after. 

     – Traditional (the woman on her back, with her legs up or knees bent, and the “consumer” between them where they can see her face and she can see theirs): this is a good way to get full access to everything you need – you can flick your tongue on her clit, or make long, smooth strokes with your tongue on her lips, you can blow air on her in differing temperatures, and you’re in a good position to slide fingers or toys inside her to tease her g-spot or bring her over the edge.  You can also put a pillow under her hips to elevate them a little bit, or she can be on a couch with you kneeling on the floor.  The easiest position with the most access and the best results.  Hands-down.

    – Side (the partner comes at her in an almost perpendicular position to her):  This position has some benefits and some drawbacks.  It’s an interesting angle to work with if you’re used to the more traditional type of position, but it doesn’t really yield itself to much variation.  I mean, don’t get me wrong – you still get there, just not as quickly or as many times.  There are also awkward leg positions that the woman needs to have in order to accommodate this angle.  It’s better than nothing, but not the best.

     – Behind (the woman on her hands and knees or face-down-ass-up and you go to town from behind her): this is almost as good as the traditional position listed above.  The woman is more submissive (she can’t see at all, and is at the mercy of the partner – you can make this more dom/sub by tying the woman down so she can’t move, or adding a blindfold, or adding the ever-stunning ice cubes for a serious temperature shift), and you can make this a “dirtier” feel by getting full access to the back door for some anal play.  As tantalizing as it is to get a sudden tongue or finger on your pussy, the surprise of the anal play really can’t be compared.  Even if you don’t necessarily enjoy anal sex (I don’t tend to), there are nerve endings and lovely things to be found in the area.  And the one (anal tongue play) shouldn’t always be paired with the other (anal intercourse). 

   – Ride (the partner is on their back and the woman rides it): this is also a sub/dom position, but with the roles flipped from the one previous.  Tie your partner down and demand that he please you in exactly the way you want.  This takes a particular kind of woman to enjoy and do well, but it affords the same benefits as riding during sex – you can be in exactly the position that you want to get the desired effect.  Talk with your partner about this one – and make sure to come up with a way that you know you really have to get off your partner’s face.  Otherwise, you could hurt a neck or there could be a breathing issue – but just be honest and communicative with your partner and have fun.


4) Things to add:

    – Pressure: pressure is amazing and totally individual.  Think about how you masturbate – the pressure changes (as does the speed, but we’ll get to that later) to feel the best from moment to moment. The same applies with oral sex.  Pressure can be changed with actual muscle flex in your tongue, or just by exploring the different parts of your tongue.  The tip is great for pointed contact, flicking over the clit or drawing swirls on lips or thighs.  The flat side of your tongue is going to be naturally softer and gentler.  I find that switching between the two pressures is really wonderful – use the tip for a few minutes, then switch to the soft part of your tongue (like you’re licking a soft serve cone – and that’s how it should feel).  You can use the transitions to lick up all the saliva and juices that you’re creating and really enjoy the tastes that you and the woman produce. 

     – Speed: quick flicks, slow licks, fast fingering, slow circles on a g-spot; all of these are amazing and they all need to be used.  That said, don’t switch from thing to thing to thing like you’re trying to hit all the points in a relay.  That does – basically nothing.  And then you’re out of moves and you have nothing left to do.  Speed is something you can switch up with some regularity, but I would spend a while on each speed.  Use one speed to make her writhe in pleasure, then switch to another one to bring her back down to reality.  There is nothing like having an orgasm at the hand (or tongue) of someone else and then come back into yourself while still feeling a warm, wet tongue stimulating the very thing that sent you over the edge.  So good.


All of these things will help you if you’re ever new to this, or you think things need spicing up.  Or if you just want to give your lady a treat.  Every woman is different, so not all of these things may be applicable to her.  Pay attention to her reactions and what she loves or seems to push you away from.  Also, be sure to be honest with her about what feels good to you when you’re the meal.  If you make it clear to her that you like something that she’s doing, she’s more likely to keep doing it. 

The amount of change that happens in a given year is incredible.  Two major things have happened for me in the last 6 months, both of which are brilliant.  The most recent of which is that Rugby and I got married a few weeks ago.  For some reason, in the months that lead up to that, I hadn’t managed to find any time to write about our very exciting life (which, as you can probably imagine, hasn’t slowed down at all – and it’s always deliciously exhausting).  I’m hoping to get back into the swing of sharing our adventures, because they’ve changed slightly and there are new and interesting things to write.  The other bit of news, and this will be the only time I mention this because it takes away from the main idea of this series of stories, is that we our expecting our first child this fall.  One of the most wonderful things about being pregnant is that it is so much easier for a woman to have a g-spot orgasm.  I can’t even tell you.  It’s what I’m going to miss the most.

I have a piece I’ve been working on for a few days that I’m putting finishing touches on and will share with you either today or tomorrow.  I’ve noticed that you’re still checking in for new material, which is amazing.  Thank you for your loyalty and I’ll try to give you reasons to check back.

It’s good to be back, if even for just one post (so far).  It’s summertime again, which means that spicy encounters and general good-feeling is in the air.  These past few months have been interesting for me.  There was an illness (which, I’m happy to report, has been dealt with and there are many, many years of happiness and joy to look forward to), a change in jobs, and there’s about to be a move to a new city, where I have spent much time, but haven’t had the chance to call home yet.  That changes this week, as a matter of fact.  So, with a new home and a new city coming my way, why not take the time to write to you, my wonderful readers, and treat those of you who stood by even when the blog was in a down time?


I had been feeling frisky all day.  I was constantly, it seemed, trying to get Rugby to pay attention to the subtle cues that my body was giving him.  Surely he had to notice that my hands were always grasping for some part of his body, or that my hips pressed against his when he hugged me.  He wasn’t taking the bait, so I decided to leave no room for misinterpretation.  I was finally feeling better, and I knew exactly what I wanted.

We climbed in bed at the end of the day, in our usual pajamas (or lack thereof), and he settled in for a good night’s rest.  There was a big day ahead of us in the morning, and I knew he wanted to get some sleep.  I had other plans.

He lay on his back and I could just make out the lines of his body through the light from the streetlights coming through the blinds.  The shadows made his chest and shoulders look well-defined, and I knew it wasn’t going to be long before I couldn’t resist.  We lay there talking about silly things – the plans for the next day, dinner options for a few days to come, etc – and I planned my attack.  My hand moved from my stomach to his chest and I felt his muscle beneath my fingertips.    I started kissing his cheeks and following the line down to his neck as my hand got lower and lower.  By the time I found what was hiding for me, it was already hard.

I felt his arm slide under my waist and his hand glide up my back to the base of my hair.  He gripped hard and I pulled my mouth away from him.  I heard him chuckle a bit at my reaction, but he had to know it was coming.  There’s an excitement knowing that someone knows all of your sweet spots – and hot spots.  As he tugged harder on my hair, I dug my fingernails into his thigh and his body tensed a little bit.  Without loosening his grip, he pulled me into a kiss and I devoured his mouth.  I was so turned on by his pulling my hair – as though at any minute, he would take control and turn me into a slave that could only do what I was instructed.  The erotic energy was palpable.

He pulled my face away from his with my hair.  I saw the fire in his eyes that I had missed seeing recently.  This was the first extended time we’d had to just ourselves, and it was a welcome change.  He half-smiled and turned my head so my ear was next to his mouth.

“Put my cock in your mouth.”

The breath from this instruction flowed over my skin and made my blood rush to the wetness developing between my thighs.  I thought about stealing a quick touch to relieve some of the tension, but I knew he would never let me.  That just made me even more wet.

His grip still tight, he forced me down and sank my head onto his rock-hard cock.  He filled my mouth with his firmness, and I had forgotten how wonderfully slutty having him in my mouth felt.  With his guidance, I bobbed my head up and down, flicking my tongue over his head and around his shaft, allowing him to force me to deep throat him when he wanted, even to the point of making me gag and my eyes water a little bit.  I could feel my eye makeup from the day start to smear on my cheeks.  After a few minutes, he turned my face toward him, the water from my eyes dripping down my face.

“Such a pretty slut,” he told me.  “You know exactly how to please my cock with that mouth of yours.”

He loosened up on my hair and the spell was broken a little bit.  I blinked my eyes and looked around.  I was still turned on, but the urgency was fading.  Without warning, he grabbed my hips and flipped me over.  He shoved his fingers into my mouth.

“Don’t you fucking move.  Get these nice and wet for me.”

I swirled my tongue around them the same as I did when I was sucking his cock, and when he pulled them from my mouth, saliva strung and landed on my chin.  I felt his wet fingers touch my pussy, which tingled with the contact.  He used his fingers to spread the spit and juices around, and I knew he was prepping me to receive him.  Small bursts of orgasmic energy started to come to the surface.  It was the most turned on I had been in a long time.

His hand found my neck, and he held me there.  His face looked serious and full of purpose.  He pushed my legs apart.  I tried to reposition myself and his grip on my neck tightened.  He cut off a little bit of my oxygen and it made me hunger for him even more.  I felt the tip of his cock on my lips, and he pushed into me hard and fast.  I closed my eyes and let out a sigh and a moan.  It felt amazing to have him inside me, stretching me out.  It was such a turn on to feel like a slut that had to follow instructions.

I moved my hips to grind his cock deeper into me, and I felt his hand fly to my face.  It stung and was a surprise, and I looked up at him.  He had the most wicked smile on his face.

“Did I give you permission?  Remember, you’re my slut.  You can’t move without asking me.”

I tried to speak to him to beg him to let me use his cock inside me to my advantage, but his grip on my throat was too tight.  I could only get out small whimpers.  I felt his hand fly to my face again.

“I also didn’t say you could talk.”

I was getting so frustrated wanting to use him like he was using me, but the pleasure of the new sensations were overtaking me.  I felt him fuck me, slamming his body into mine until our bed shook.  I wondered how our neighbors were sleeping with all of this activity in here.  But then I remembered that I really didn’t care – I just wanted to feel him explode for me.  I opened my eyes to see his face above me again.  I grabbed his hand and brought it back near my face.

“Again,” I whispered.  “Do it again.”

The sting hit my cheek again and my face turned.  I closed my eyes, enjoying the pain and the sudden pressure.  He shoved his fingers into my mouth again, pulling my chin down by my jaw.  With his fingers wet again, he flew at my other cheek now.  The wetness made the sting incredible, and it turned me on to feel like such a toy.  His grip on my neck loosened a little bit, and I knew he wanted to hear me beg him.

“Fuck this bitch from behind.”

With that, he smiled again and lifted my hips up.  I used my own power to lift my body and positioned myself.  I put my head down on the bed and arched my back so my pussy was open for him.  I lay there for a few minutes and didn’t feel him anywhere.  I turned my head to the side to look at him, and I saw his eyes pouring over what was in front of him and saw him stroking his cock.  It felt so good to see him jerking it to the sight of my pussy up, open, and ready for him.  I slid a finger down and played with my clit, using how turned on he was as motivation.  I wanted him inside of me again, but this felt so dirty.  Like a show just for him.

He caught my eye and smiled again.  I could tell he was enjoying watching me play with my clit and slide my fingers in and out of the hole I had prepped for him.  His stroke got faster, and I saw his face start to twitch – a clear sign from any man that they’re about to lose control.  I decided to help him along.

“You like watching your personal cum slut put on a show for you?”

“Yes… it’s fucking hot.”

“You going to paint me up like your bitch?”

“Fuck yes…”  His eyes started to close.  I knew he was close.

“I want that cum all over me.  Spray my ass while I cum for you.”

That did the trick.  I saw his muscles tense and felt the hot, sticky jizz hit my skin.  I heard his breathing change and he moaned with the last exhale.  He had cum hard and I could tell I was completely covered.  He put his hand on the curve of where my ass meets my hip and examined his artwork.  I had started the evening intending to keep control and use him, and had ended up being the one who was used and exploited.

I can’t wait to be his slut again.