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Sinful Sunday | 442

My favorite journey is looking out the window. – Edward Gorey

Sinful Sunday

Sinful Sunday: Week 422

Today’s shot is of my favorite and least favorite part of my body. I love my ass – it’s round, plump, and easily the feature that inspires the most confidence. Also in this photo is my lower back, my least favorite part of my body. It is almost constantly in pain, and has limited my mobility for nearly ten years.

Yet, they are both part of who I am, and this amazing body that has done so many incredible things. Tomorrow, I go in for surgery to correct the damage that has been done over the years. As such, today is a celebration and acknowledgement of this part of me.


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Sinful Sunday



I love prompt weeks! They’re so much fun to participate in and it’s always interesting to see what people come up with. This month’s prompt is “G”.

On a work trip last week, I got a few minutes of free time between a day long meeting and dinner with coworkers. The late afternoon light streamed through the thin curtains and seemed to glow off of the stark white sheets. I couldn’t resist!

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Sinful Sunday


Their dates had never been boring, especially considering their interest in tasting menus and charcuterie. Every new meal they enjoyed, if charcuterie was an option, it was the option. He opened the door to her flat, as he had done so many times before, and thought about where they might eat that evening.

She called to him from her bedroom. He stood in the doorway, admiring the spread of her delicately positioned body. Clearly she was a smorgasbord being offered, and he surveyed his options before deciding what he would taste first.

He stepped towards the bed, her cunt already wet and glistening. He couldn’t help imagining honey dripping over a particularly ripe fig he had chosen at the market just the other day, or the mango he had selected the week before. He smiled at his seemingly endless luck with fresh produce. He turned her onto her stomach, positioning her with her ass in the air. He carefully considered the choice between her honey-like vagina or her tight apricot of an ass hole. He sliced with his tongue and licked and slurped her juices, easily switching between the two delicacies.

As he devoured her, he worked his fingers into her. Her sweat mixed with her subtle sweetness. He couldn’t wait anymore – he pulled her juice into his mouth and spit into his hand, rubbing the sticky spread over his cock. He was determined to enjoy every last mouthful, but not without preparing his own meat. She writhed in pleasure, her slippery pussy gently cleansing his palate and preparing both of them for the next course.

Finally, it was her turn. She slid to her knees, taking his firm love sausage into her mouth. She slid her tongue over it, feeling the ridges and tasting the saltiness from his sweat. Her mouth filled with his meat and soon she began tasting the briney, salty pre-cum that dotted out of his cock like the liquid from a girkin jar.

“Cover me,” she said. “Cover me with your thick sauce!” He strained against her, savoring every morsel of her mouth until he finally and abruptly pulled himself out and sprayed her face with his tangy liquid. He closed his eyes until every bit of him was sprinkled on to her freckled skin. He opened them again to look at her, a delicious glazed biscuit for the end of his meal.

This was definitely a restaurant they would be frequenting.


Winging It

“Why not seize the pleasure at once? — How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation!” – Jane Austen

Last night, Rugby and I went out to dinner with Chicago and Chicago’s Wife. We spent a lovely time having food, drinks, and lively conversation. We walked back to their house afterward to play some video games and sober up for our drive home. I didn’t expect that any of this would lead to a foursome, and yet…

It’s no secret that C and I have an extremely flirtatious friendship. He has been my longest-standing friend crush and when we get together, the flirtation escalates to *very* suggestive photos and ideas. R and CW are both aware and a-ok with the flirtation and whatever it might lead to, though more often than not it doesn’t end up leading anywhere. Evidently, not this time.

CW went upstairs for a moment and C pulled me into a kiss. His kisses are soft and warm. Kissing him reminds me of my favorite parts of kissing other women, as though he wants to savor every flavor and sensation. I confess I get lost sometimes in his kisses and it is quite a jolt when they eventually stop. R watched us from his spot on the couch and CW eventually came back downstairs.

She came to where C and I were standing, and began kissing my neck and tugging at the top of his jeans. She took my hand and put it on his cock, now set free by some stealthy zipper and button work. He was already hard. Maybe they’d been planning this all along.

We slid his jeans down and lowered ourselves at the same time. Finally on our knees before him, we received our instructions.

“You,” he said, pointing to her, “lick my balls. She sucks my cock.”

We eagerly obeyed our instructions. His thick cock barely fit in my mouth. As I lowered myself down and filled my throat with him, my chin would gently graze hers. His head went back and he let out long sighs of relief.

I caught R’s gaze from his seat, now occupied by steady stroking of his own cock as he watched his friend be shared by us. He smiled.

“There’s my good girl. Show him what you can do.”

The rush of blood and excitement made me work his cock more deliberately and I could tell that he was enjoying every moment.

Hardly able to contain himself any longer, R left his spot on the couch and lay underneath CW. I knew the moment his tongue found her clit because she gasped sharply. Her moans sending vibrations through C’s cock and balls made him breathe even faster. He was close.

R sent CW into shudders and giggles before too long, and she got on to the couch to take a short rest. R and C got to work on sharing me while CW watched.

R and C stood up, and R folded me at my hips. At the same time, I felt R in my cunt and C back in my mouth. The distance between them was just enough that I had minimal space to be bounced back and forth between them. As R pushed me onto C’s cock, C pushed me right back onto R’s.

It was so exhilarating, but everyone was winding down due to the time and the drinks from dinner. No one had prepared for this, and it became apparent. Had I known this might be how the evening ended, I would have had far less to drink at dinner and it would have been well before 1:30 in the morning by the time we started.

The whole evening was really lovely – the dinner, the friendship, the completely unexpected sex at the end. The real question is how to find the balance between planning and spontaneity. And how to get back there as soon as possible.


Sharing some love for my partner in all things. Snapped this through an open door. Shared with permission.

Featuring Mr. Unmentionable.

February Photofest

February Photofest


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February Photofest


When I was 19, I had surgery to treat a medical issue in both breasts. The scars are quite visible, but they’re just part of the landscape at this point.

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February Photofest

Body positivity is hard to come by for me (like so many others!!) so I’m giving myself a little love in the morning light.

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