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Sharing some love for my partner in all things. Snapped this through an open door. Shared with permission.

Featuring Mr. Unmentionable.

February Photofest

February Photofest


Who doesn’t love a bit of punny fun?

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February Photofest


When I was 19, I had surgery to treat a medical issue in both breasts. The scars are quite visible, but they’re just part of the landscape at this point.

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February Photofest

Body positivity is hard to come by for me (like so many others!!) so I’m giving myself a little love in the morning light.

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February Photofest

I love how the usually-hidden patchwork details of this bra came out with the filter edits!!

February Photofest

This post does double duty! Day three of the FebPhotoFest falls on a Sinful Sunday prompt week.

I really love this photo. I have always had really pale skin, although now more tiger striped since my two kiddos. I’ve posted this photo before but washed it out to make it align more to the “white” prompt of this week’s Sinful Sunday.

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February Photofest

…and this week!

Sinful Sunday


I am so incredibly lucky to know an amazing local photographer with whom I’m completely comfortable working. He was my first foray into this kind of photography and he has never let me down.

You can view all of his amazing work here.

February Photofest


I’m so excited to take part in this year’s February Photo Fest. I have watched in awe for the last three years, so I added it to my 2019 list of sexy things.

While thinking about what photos to use, which ones would be “good enough”, I decided to share the ones I loved. That will mean a vulnerability that I have tried to stay away from at the risk of being unsexy (especially for an erotica blog).

How fitting that this first picture is one taken of me by Mr. Unmentionable, displayed for all of Boston Harbor during an annual vacation there. It’s one of my favorite pictures of me, in one of my favorite cities, with one of my favorite people.

I changed the exposure settings on this photo so it looked both heavily shadowed and over exposed (a striking similarity to how I feel much, if not most of the time).

See you tomorrow!!

February Photofest

A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand.

We take cookie decorating very seriously around here. A thin coat of icing and plenty of sprinkles.


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Sinful Sunday